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7/2023: Our work on crowdshipping for urban logistics is featured on Sage Perspectives blog.

7/2023: The team will be presenting four studies at ISIE conference in Leiden, the Netherlands.

5/2023: Ph.D. student Doreen Steven Mlote was one of 100 graduate students selected worldwide to attend the St. Gallen Symposium.

3/2023: @UNEP Global Environment Outlook (GEO-7) first Author’s meeting, Thailand.

1/2023: @TRB Annual Meeting. Congratulations, Ph.D. Student Zhang Meijing, for receiving Best Applied Research Paper Award from the TRB Urban Freight Transportation Committee!

10/2022: Invited Speaker at KAIST Future Mobility Symposium, South Korea.

8/2022: Featured on Nature Spotlight: Smart Cities.

8/2022: UN-ESCAP Regional Meeting on Just Transition to Low Carbon Mobility in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand.

8/2022: Headline talk on “Decarbonizing road freight transport” at Bridging Transportation Research conference (virtual).

3/2022: Raymond Low successfully defended his Ph.D. on “Machine Learning in Urban Freight Studies” – congratulations, Dr Low!

2021-2022: Lynette visited the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, over her sabbatical leave, hosted by Professor Christopher Kennedy from the Civil Engineering Department.

7/2021: A warm welcome to Associate Professor Mikiko Kawasumi, visiting from Meijo University, Japan.

6/2021: Research team members presented at SUTD’s seminar series on Sustainability and Circular Economy

4/2021: @IPCC WGIII eLAM4 – virtual fourth Lead Author Meeting.

3/2021: Congratulations, Senior Research Engineer Yeow Lih Wei, for receiving an award for Best Master Thesis for Engineering Systems and Design!

3/2021: Congratulations, Ph.D. student Raymond Low, for being recognized with the 2020 Singapore Data Science Consortium (SDSC) Dissertation Research Fellowship award!

3/2021: Invited speaker at BINUS University, Jakarta (virtual seminar).

3/2021: @4th VREF Conference on Urban Freight (virtual)

1/2021: @TRB 100th annual meeting (virtual)

8/2020: Congratulations, Huang Qiuhong, for completing her masters thesis on the carbon footprint of online shopping shipping options.

6/2020: @Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability virtual (un)conference

10/2019: @ITS World Congress, Singapore.

10/2019: Welcome back, Dr Giacomo Dalla Chiara from Univ of Washington Seattle.

10/2019: Dr Sumit Sakhuja was a speaker at Home Delivery Asia 2019.

10/2019: @IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report Scoping meeting, Singapore.

9/2019: Welcome visiting Professor Sybil Derrible from Univ of Illinois Chicago.

9/2019: SUTD Graduation Ceremony – congrats to our new Ph.Ds, Drs Rakhi Manohar Mepparambath and Raja Gopalakrishnan!

8/2019: We welcome a visit by Professor Kara Kockelman from UTAustin.

7/2019: @The 10th International Conference on Industrial Ecology, Beijing.

6/2019: Singing at the 11th International Conference on City Logistics, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

4/2019: Together with TUMCREATE, we hosted a citizens’ debate on autonomous mobility at SUTD. See video here.

4/2019: We welcome a visit by Associate Professor Kelly Pitera from NTNU, along with her transport students.

3/2019: Invited speaker at Urban Design Festival 2019

1/2019: The team participated in SMART Future Mobility Symposium, and hosted an urban freight workshop following the event. Warm welcome to our guests, Professors José Holguín-Veras and Hugo Yoshizaki.

1/2019: @TRB 98th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.

11/2018: Invited panelist speaking on climate change mitigation and adaption for The Straits Times Global Forum.

11/2018: @The 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Maui, HI, USA.

10/2018: Ph.D. candidate Rakhi Manohar attended 3rd VREF Conference on Urban Freight, Gothenburg, Sweden.

9/2018: SUTD Graduation Ceremony – congratulations, graduates, especially Dr Giacomo Dalla Chiara!

8/2018: @Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) Advanced Studies Institute on Sustainable Urban Freight Systems (VASI-SUFS), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA.

6/2018: Ph.D. candidate Raja Gopalakrishnan attended MOBILIZE transport summit, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

5/2018: @Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology, Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

4/2018: We welcome a visit by Professor Tom Cherrett from the Univ of Southampton.

3/2018: We welcome visits by Professor Genevieve Giuliano from the Univ of Southern California, and Dr Andre Tok from Univ of California Irvine.

1/2018: @TRB 97th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.

12/2017: Channel NewAsia commentary: Driverless vehicles can reshape Singapore, but do consider the human elements

9/2017: Invited speaker at Green Freight Asia Annual Forum 2017, Singapore.

7/2017: @Future of Cities conference, Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, Singapore.

6/2017: @Joint ISIE-ISSST Conference, Chicago, Ill., USA.

6/2017: @10th International Conference on City Logistics, Phuket, Thailand.

5/2017: We welcome a visit by Prof. Sybil Derrible from the Univ of Illinois Chicago.

4/2017: We welcome a visit by Prof. Kelly Pitera from the Norwegian Univ of Science and Technology.

1/2017: Presented the executive summary of a study on “Cleaner Alternative Technologies to Diesel for New Vehicles in Singapore“, at the Singapore Ministry of Environment and Water Resources.

1/2017: @TRB 96th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.

1/2017: Our Foresight Study on Urban Mobility study featured on Channel NewsAsia.

12/2016: Invited talk on “Teaching sustainability in the undergraduate engineering curriculum” at the Asian Materials Education Symposium. Honoured to meet Prof. Michael Ashby!

10/2016: @LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE), Singapore. Congrats to SUTD team ZaiBike for winning the LTA Engineering Challenge with their dockless shared bicycle system concept.

10/2016: @VREF Conference on Urban Freight, Gothenburg, Sweden.

7/2016: @Green Growth & Business Forum, Singapore.

1/2016: @TRB 95th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., USA.

10/2015: Asian Scientist feature, Asia’s Rising Scientist: Lynette Cheah

10/2015: @URban freight and BEhaviour change (URBE) conference, Rome, Italy.

7/2015: @ISIE Conference, Surrey, UK.

1/2015: @TRB 94th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.

12/2014: SUTD moved to our new East Coast Campus.

11/2014: Congrats Wei Wei for winning the Best Student Paper award @Complex Systems Design & Management conference, Singapore.

11/2014: @Industrial Ecology in the Asia-Pacific Century conference (ISIE-AP), Melbourne, Australia.

10/2014: Invited talk on “Electrifying Asia’s Transportation Sector” at Singapore International Energy Week.

10/2014: Invited talk on “Monitoring road traffic and air emissions” at ENVIRON Emerging Trends Air Quality seminar.

4/2014: Invited talk on “Adaptive Urban Transportation” at RSIS-NTS Community Resilience and Human Security Workshop.

6/2013: Interview by FM 93.8 Live on urban transportation.

5/2013: The Business Times coverage, “Using Big Data to boost travel efficiency”.

1/2013: Singapore Challenge prize at Global Young Scientist Summit, Singapore.